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You asked, we listened!

Now kids can enjoy laser tag activity at max adventures party place!

Laser tag is one of the most popular activities for children of all ages. At Max Adventures party place kids can enjoy playing laser tag vs our fun staff members and parents. Guess who will win? :)

Laser tag is available only for adventure deluxe package and grand luxury package.

Laser tag rules and safety Children vs staff and parents only • No contact between any of the players. • Follow all instructions given by attendants • Keep both feet on the floor at all times • NO throwing and dropping weapons, to avoid its breakage and costly repairs! • NO disabling and enabling hardware during the battle to restore the number of lives. • NO Reactivation of the equipment. • NO explicit expressions and physically contacting the opponent: beating with accessories, hands, feet, and head, catching with hands and dropping. • Inappropriate language for kids should always be discouraged. • There must be no running through the soft play gym as it increases the risk of slipping and falling onto other individuals. • There should be no jumping as it can lead to serious injury. • Lying down or kneeling in the location is fine. Though prolonged lying may lead other players to trip over and fall. • You must hold the laser gun with both hands. • Guns must never be blocked. • No blocking the gun sensors. • Players must stay within soft play gym. • Players are not allowed to go down the slide with guns. • Must follow Laser Tag referee’s direction at all times • Any injuries, damage to equipment must be reported to staff immediately.


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