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COVID-19 Warning We have taken enhanced health and safety measures for you, your Guests, and our Staff Members. You must follow all posted instructions and wear a face covering at all times while visiting Max Adventures. Face coverings are required for all Guests (ages 2 and up) and our Staff. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and Guests with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable. By visiting Max Adventures you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Help keep each other healthy. Dear customers and friends, In this climate, we know that booking parties for your kids may not be your first thought, but we want you to know that the safety of our customers and staff is our top priority. We want to thank you in advance for putting your trust in Max Adventures as you plan your future events. For the past 5 years Max Adventures has lived by a core value to provide top of the line customer service in a clean, safe and fun environment for our customers and their guests. This enduring value guides us as we face the difficult challenge of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19). When You Book: We have a virtual tour of our facility available on our website in English, Spanish and Russian If you wish to see our place in person, please call in advance to schedule an appointment. Our highly trained staff will do our best to explain all packages, pricing in details and walk you through our virtual tour or in person. We want you to be confident when booking. With that in mind we are adjusting our rescheduling and cancellation policy accordingly: Parties that are booked for April, May and June 2020 (as of now), will have an option to postpone their parties without any fees, at any time and to the best available date and time (including up to the next year). We are very thankful to our customers for continuing booking future events. Please stay safe and we’ll see you soon. If you have any questions feel free to call us at (718) 676-9577 or Email us at

Who do you count as additional children?

Children 1-17 years old are counted as children and will be added to your final bill.

What is the appropriate age group for your party place?

At Max Adventures we host birthday parties for children of all ages. We do our party activities based on the age group of the kids attending. We do recommend children to be 4 year old and up for some of our activities.

What is the Virtual Reality party add-on? Is it safe?

With help of this new and cool technology you can go on thrilling roller coasters rides, swim with sharks, face a life size dinosaur, stand on top of the skyscraper, or go into space without leaving our party place. We have many cool games/experiences that are age appropriate for kids and adults. We recommend ages 12 and up however we do allow players as young as 7 to play with parent/guardian consent and as long as they can comfortably use the equipment. Players 13 and under require direct adult supervision by a parent or guardian on all stations. (Parent/Legal Guardian must be present at all times)

Is there an age limit to use the Soft Play Gym?

Our playground is specifically designed for children of all ages. However, the slide can be used by children ages 4+

Why can't I go down the slide with my child?

For the safety of the child we don't allow 2 people on the slide at the same time.

Can older kids jump in the bouncy house?

NO. The bouncy house is for toddlers only (1-4 years old). Older kids will not be allowed in the bouncy house for safety reasons.

What is my role as a parent while my child is playing?

While your children are playing, our trained staff will observe all play areas to enforce the safety rules of Max Adventures. While we offer an adult area for parents to take breaks in, we strongly encourage all parents to monitor their children at all times during play.

How many staff members do you have?

Each party is different but we tend to have a 4-7 trained staff members at each party to watch over kids' safety and to interact with them. We provide party hosts based on the amount of kids attending each party.

Should I tip the staff?

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome and appreciated. If you feel our staff has done an awesome job, please show it. If not, please tell us.

What is recommended tipping for staff?

Industry standards are: 15% overall of your total bill before tax or 20% if the service exceeded your expectations.

Is Wax Hands safe?

Yes. Wax Hands are safe. Our Wax Hands machine is temperature controlled. We recommend ages 5 and up to do Wax Hands.

What is the age requirements for Wax Hands?

To be able to make a Wax Hand a child must be 5 years old and up

What are the rules for Laser Tag?

Laser Tag at Max Adventures is different from a standard laser tag facility. At Max Adventures we play Laser Tag children vs staff only. Children are not allowed to play against each other. Here are the rules: LASER TAG RULES AND SAFETY CHILDREN VS STAFF ONLY • No contact between any of the players. • Follow all instructions given by attendants • Keep both feet on the floor at all times • NO throwing and dropping weapons, to avoid its breakage and costly repairs! • NO disabling and enabling hardware during the battle to restore the number of lives. • NO Reactivation of the equipment. • NO explicit expressions and physically contacting the opponent: beating with accessories, hands, feet, and head, catching with hands and dropping. • Inappropriate language for kids should always be discouraged. • There must be no running through the soft play gym as it increases the risk of slipping and falling onto other individuals. • There should be no jumping as it can lead to serious injury. • Lying down or kneeling in the location is fine. Though prolonged lying may lead other players to trip over and fall. • You must hold the laser gun with both hands. • Guns must never be blocked. • No blocking the gun sensors. • Players must stay within soft play gym. • Players are not allowed to go down the slide with guns. • Must follow Laser Tag referee’s direction at all times • Any injuries, damage to equipment must be reported to staff immediately.

Why does everyone need to wear socks while using your equipment?

In order to help us maintain the healthiest environment, socks are required for every person using our equipment. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS! Forgot your socks? Don't worry. We have socks available for sale at the counter.

Can adults be in the party room downstairs while children are playing upstairs?

No. Unless you book Grand Luxury Adventure Package (Please call for details), with each birthday party, we provide 1 hour of private play on main floor and 1 hour in the party room. Walking down the stairs will not be allowed during the gaming floor time.

Why can't we drink or eat on the gaming floor?

To prevent spills and damage of our equipment we do NOT allow food or beverages on the gaming floor.

Can we bring alcohol?

NO. Alcohol is not allowed on premises.

Can we bring/order our own birthday cake or get an extra Ice Cream cake for adults?

Yes you absolutely can. We provide an Ice Cream cake from Carvel for children. If you would like an additional Ice Cream cake for adults or if you would like to upgrade the cake provided please let us know and we'll be glad to do it for you. NO OUTSIDE ICE CREAM CAKE WILL BE ALLOWED.

Can we bring/order our own food?

Yes you absolutely can. We do not limit anyone from ordering food from a place they like. However we are not responsible for the food brought in our facility. We do not allow any nuts or any nut products to be brought in or eaten at our facility.

Do you provide kosher pizza for children?

Yes we do. We work closely with Dagan pizzeria to provide kosher pizza if requested.

What is that Adults Food Setup/Cleanup Fee that you guys charge?

Adults Food Setup/Cleanup Fee is charged only if adults eat food. If you decide that adults will be eating in our party room the fee will be charged. We have a separate room/section in our party room for adults with tables and sitting. We will set up your food in adults section, we provide table settings (table covers, plates, cups, utensils, napkins and ice), we provide food warmers if you need them, and we clean everything after so you don't have to. Food Setup/Cleanup for adults is included in our Adventure Deluxe and Grand Luxury packages.

But I don't want to pay the Setup/Cleanup Fee for adults.

If adults are not eating the fee is not charged.

How much will be Adults Food Setup/Cleanup Fee if we want to bring sandwiches/pizza/sushi and not hot food for adults?

The setup/cleanup fee is included in our Adventure Deluxe Package and our Grand Luxury Package. For our Adventure Package the fee for bringing hot food is $170. If you order sushi or sandwiches and not hot food, the charge will be $120. If you order pizza for adults from us, there will be no additional fee. Pizza must be purchased from us separately.

Can we bring our water for kids?

Yes you can. You can drink water in designated areas (Lounge Area on gaming floor and/or Party Room on lower level). If you forgot your water bottles don’t worry, we have a water cooler in the lounge area and in the hallway near a party room. We can also provide tap water in the party room.

Do you allow food/sodas in the adult lounge?

We try to keep kids playing area and the gaming floor a clean and a safe environment. That is why we don't allow food, soda, candy or gum on the gaming floor or in the waiting area. Food is only allowed in the party room.

Do we need to fill out waivers?

YES. At Max Adventures we require all participants to fill out a waiver prior to accessing our facility. In order to save time when you arrive, you and your guests may fill out and sign your liability waiver in advance. For maximum convenience, we now provide you with online waiver system that allows you and your guests to sign the waiver online using link that will be e-mailed to a party host. Party host may share the link to all their guests. You can also sign the waiver at our Waiver Kiosk Station when you arrive at the facility. Be sure to complete all information requested. Please note that the waiver can only be signed by individuals 18 and over. Parents must sign for their OWN children (not friends or relatives) or those for whom they serve as legal guardian if the children are 17 or younger. Waiver must be signed for all children ages 1-17. Children without signed waiver will not be allowed to participate in activities or use equipment.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, we are ADA compliant with wheelchair access. Please note: the Party Room is accessible only by a small flight of stairs. Though the rest of our space is fully ADA compliant, the Party Room is wheelchair inaccessible. If you require special accommodations for people with special needs, please speak to our party booking expert before booking your party.

Can we bring our own party decorations? What is allowed?


How early can I arrive to my party?

Please arrive no earlier then 5 minutes before your party time.

What if I am late for my scheduled party time? What if my Guests are late?

We understand that circumstances happen, however, our parties start promptly at the scheduled time. Since there may be other parties scheduled after your party time, we may be unable to extend your party time. If your party begins after your scheduled time due to waiting for late guests, you will have less time on the gaming floor and, possibly, the party room. If your guests arrive late and you have already moved to a party room, we will escort your guest to your party.

Can we purchase additional time?

Yes you can. Please see our add-on section for pricing. Prior to purchasing additional time for your event, please note : all time extensions are final and can't be changed or refunded after booking. If you wish to add additional time to your party, it must be done in advance. We must know about time extensions 4 days prior to your party when you confirm kids count.

Am I allowed to bring my own favor/ goody bags for children?

We have favor bags available as an add-on option to our parties to make it easier for you. If you choose to bring your own please make sure there is no candy or gum in the bags. The favor bags will be placed by the exit, on the table for kids to grab it on the way out.

Why don't you allow helium filled balloons on the gaming floor?

Our party venue's gaming floor has very high ceilings. Helium balloons that are released to the ceiling will be impossible to remove before the next party comes in. Your guests are free to bring in balloons to the party. Our staff members will take the balloons from your guests and put them in the party room.

Do we need to clean up after ourselves?

Absolutely NOT, that’s our job! Once your party is over, we will help you load gifts and leftovers into your car. We clean up the mess so you can go home and enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

Is our birthday party will be private?

All of our parties are 100% private and that means, there will be no one at your party except for your guests and our staff. There are many party places that offer semi private parties. Max Adventures is one of the few party venues that is 100% private.

If I invite less than 15 kids, do I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount for fewer kids.

What is the MAXIMUM amount of children and adults can attend Adventure Party? What will happen if more kids than allowed will show up?

For our 2 hour Adventure Party Package and Adventure Deluxe Package up to a maximum of 20 children and 20 adults can attend. If you have more than 20 kids and 20 adults you must choose Grand Luxury Adventure Package. If more than allowed (20) kids or (20) adults show up for Adventure Party or Adventure Deluxe Party, we will be forced to keep the second floor open and a fee of $300 will be applied to your invoice. (Kids will not be allowed back on the gaming floor after they go downstairs to a party room). To prevent paying a fee, please keep kids and adults under 20 or book our Grand Luxury Package in advance where the maximum allowed is 30 kids and 30 adults.

Do I need to know anything before I cater food?

Make sure your food is delivered on time. The food must be delivered no later or earlier then 30 minutes before you going to a party room. The food that needs to be placed on warmers needs to be delivered in standard foil trays. We do not allow any nuts or any nut products to be brought in or eaten at our facility.

Is deposit required to book a party at Max Adventures?

Yes, to hold your time and date we require a deposit. For Adventure Party Package a $350 DEPOSIT is DUE at the time of your reservation (Please note if you book additional time, a $700 NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required). Grand Luxury Package requires a $700 NON REFUNDABLE deposit.

Can you pencil me in?

Unfortunately we can't. Due to high demand and limited availability we require a deposit to hold a time and a date. We book parties on first come first serve basis.

What is your Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy?

Payment Schedule:

o $350 non-refundable deposit to reserve a 2 hour Adventure Package or Adventure Deluxe Package. $700 Non-Refundable deposit to reserve Adventure Package, Adventure Deluxe Package with additional time. $700 Non-Refundable deposit to reserve Grand Luxury Package. o The balance is due upon arrival on the day of your event. Total balance due is indicated on the invoice. If the party/event is cancelled or a no-show occurs, than cancellation policy will apply. o At the end of the party: Any additional incidentals including additional children, favors, add-ons, etc.

Cancellation Policy:

o Any cancellations within 14 days of the event will be charged 50% amount of the package booked. Additional add-ons, custom items, and all services obtained for by or through third parties and affiliates of Max Adventures will be charged 100% of their fee and same is non-refundable in case of cancellation within fourteen days of the event. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the party or no-shows are charged the full amount of the party. Max Adventures reserves the right to cancel or postpone party/event in our sole discretion.


o We are only able to RESCHEDULE your birthday party or special event reservation if it does not interfere with another scheduled event. (Rescheduling requires a 14-day notice). Rescheduled events cannot be downgraded. Rescheduling can only be done once. We will reschedule your party to the next available time and date within the next 60 days. Max Adventures reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the event. If acts of God, Pandemic/virus or Weather cause the facility to close, your party will be re-scheduled to next available time and date. No refunds will be given due to weather, pandemic/virus or acts of God. Max Adventures will decide whether the weather conditions will warrant a re-schedule within 24 hours of the party and then inform you whether Max Adventures LLC will proceed with the party.

Refund Policy:

o All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. Adventure Deluxe Package and Grand Luxury Package reservations cannot be downgraded. All time extensions are final and can't be changed after booking. NO Refund will be given for leftover tickets. Custom items and third party services must be paid in full at the time of booking. Custom items and third party services are non refundable.

What forms of payments are accepted?

For your convenience we accept Zelle, Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard and Discover as payment options. All credit card transactions will be charged 3% Credit Card Convenience Fee. American Express is not accepted. Personal checks are not accepted as final payment.