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GaGa Ball, also known as Octoball, is a variation of dodgeball in which players in a large GaGa "pit" try to eliminate opponents by striking them in the legs with the ball. GaGa, which in Hebrew means "touch-touch", was invented over 30 years ago. GaGa Ball became popular in Jewish summer camps in Australia and Israel, then spread back to the US where it's popularity is exploding. What makes GaGa Ball great is that kids of any size, age, or athletic ability can play and have the same chance to win as anybody else. Games generally last only a few minutes. Once a player is out, they can have as much fun watching and cheering for their friends. When a new game starts, you're back in action again!

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Glow GaGa Ball is an attraction for all ages to enjoy. Imagine playing GaGa Ball in a glow arena with glowing ball and amazing music playing in the background. It is ideal for your child's Birthday Party.

GaGa Rules:

1.Players start inside pit touching the sides. One player throws the gaga ball up into the air. Players yell "Ga" as it bounces and the ball is in play after the second bounce (“Ga-Ga”).

2.Players can hit the ball with one hand, but cannot pick up and throw it.

3.If the ball touches a player anywhere on or below the knee, that player is eliminated.

4.A player cannot touch the ball two times in a row - the ball must first touch another player or the pit wall or it is called a “double touch” and that player is out.

5.Players may not kick the ball since this means touching the ball below the knee.

6.If the ball is hit out of the pit, then the last player to touch the ball is out.

7.Players who are out must leave the GaGa pit immediately.

8.The last player out is the winner and gets to start the next game.


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