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Graduation Party

Plan a memorable graduation party at Max Adventures and save big on our packages!

While most parents consider college and high school graduation to be a celebration-worthy occasion, a child graduating from pre-k, kindergarten, elementary school or middle school is also a momentous milestone. Celebrate the occasion with a family/friends party and make memories you will treasure long after your child has graduated college! A child's graduation party is a perfect time to enjoy the end of the school year, catch up with extended family members, and surround yourself with love and joy. Inviting some of your child’s classmates is also a way to help your child make friends and have an amazing time. At a child's graduation party, activities help bring friends and family together!

At Max Adventures we will make sure all kids and adults have an amazing time! Our parties are 100% private!

Discount is for GRADUATION PARTIES ONLY and does not apply to birthday parties. Discount cannot be combined with any other promotions or discounts. Max Adventures reserves the right to cancel discount at any time. Discount applies for new bookings only. Expires 07.30.2019